Rajat Mehndiratta

software developer, hardware hacker

Who I am

Carnegie Mellon University Class of 2018

Majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Minoring in Robotics and Neural Computation

Some of my favorite tools to work with:


AngularJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap


Flask, Django, Rails


React Native, Swift, Android


Microcontrollers, Verilog

Some projects

I define myself by what I make, because the best way to see something happen is to try and make it happen. More information and projects can be found on my Devpost profile.
FifthSense from PennApps XII


Opening up smart devices to the visually impaired | Grand Prize, Best Hardware Hack, AlphaLab Gear Prize @ PennApps XII | More info

CardboardVision from TartanHacks '15


Fighting one-eye blindness with Google Cardboard | More info

Sighting from SteelHacks '15


Mapping what you want to find or avoid | Most Impactful, Best Use of AWS @ SteelHacks 2015 | More info

SpitBars from Kent Hack Enough 2015


Algorithmic analysis for freestyle rap battles | First Place @ Kent Hack Enough 2015 | More info

Critsim from PennApps W15


VR-based real-time bicycle race simulation | More info

Opti from Hack-a-Startup


An automatic scheduler for painless consensus | More info

My Interests

Passion is something that matters a lot to me.
I try to spend my time doing the things I get really excited about.


Having physical projects allows me to make a bigger impact on the world. Plus, quadrotors > Node.js any day.

Public Speaking

From Debate in high school to Mock Trial in college, I've always been big on oral presentation.


"Make something people love" is a goal that really appeals to me. I like projects where I connect with real users.


Getting smarter, better, faster, stronger is what drives me every single day. I work hard so I can work better.


I'm currently open for freelance work and Summer 2017 internships.

Things I've done

Some small milestones so far in my journey
My first website

Made my first website- a small one about hieroglyphics- in third grade, picking up a bit of HTML

December 2004
Learning Java

Started learning Java and began programming for the first time

June 2008
Learning SQL

Motivated by a competition, began working with databases and SQL- and made it to the state level

October 2012
Carnegie Mellon University

Got into Carnegie Mellon University's ECE program to study the field I'm most passionate about

March 2014
National Merit Scholar

Became a National Merit Scholar after getting a 236 PSAT, 2400 SAT, and 36 ACT

May 2014

Graduated valedictorian from Memorial High School in Houston, Texas

June 2014
My first hackathon

Went to my first hackathon- BoilerMake 2014- after getting introduced to maker culture by my roommate

October 2014
Picking up Arduino

Introduced to Arduino and hardware hacking by mentors at CMU, found a new motivation to guide me every day

November 2014
Winning my first prizes

Won my first hackathon prizes at SteelHacks 2015

March 2015
Winning PennApps

Won PennApps XII, the largest collegiate hackathon ever, with an intense hardware hack

September 2015
Winning Kent Hack Enough

Won Kent Hack Enough 2015, pivoting away from my original hardware idea after 24 to work on rap battle analysis software

October 2015
Working at a startup

Got my first bit of experience with startups by interning at Suitable, an edtech company focused on out-of-class development

January 2015

Contact me

Interested in my skillset? Think my stack matches your project? Just want to talk to me? Use the form below to reach me.